Over 25 Businesses Switched From Attention-Grabbing Ads That Don’t Convert To Intentional Ads That Instantly Lift Conversion Rates...

How We Use 'Trigger Points' to Build A Hyper-Focused Ad Message That Gets 2-3x Higher Conversion Rates So You Can Reverse Revenue Flatline

... without blowing your ad budget on outdated testing strategies taught by 'Gurus' who don't run their own ads.

Trigger Points and How They Optimize the Algorithm to Work for You

Overcome Poor Data

Instead of relying on outdated targeting, launching 10 new video ads a week, and 'day trading' your ad budget, which is the best way to feed the algorithm poor data...

... our approach relies on a powerful data point revealed from our efficient Trigger Point test. This improves the algorithms accuracy to find new customers at scale.

Building The Message Sets

Our 3-tiered message building process pre-filters non-converting traffic, so we build a hyper-targeted message that delivers only quality prospects.

This eliminates the 20-40% ad waste we see most agencies accrue (after auditing 100s of ad accounts) when they start by testing hooks and videos without a scalable message.

Conversion-Optimized Ad Creation

After the best performing Trigger Points are revealed, our Ad Oracles stack them to build your intentional ad (that get 2-3x higher conversions), instead of the typical attentional ad (with low conversions, low engagement, low quality score) most agencies create.

This is the foundation for building a scalable message.

Algorithmic Alchemy

Our data-driven ad messaging immediately boosts your conversion rates and provides the algorithm with conversion optimized data.

This transforms your algorithm from a wide-ranging search to a precise, targeted tool that homes in on your best prospects.

As a result, the ad algorithm gets better and more effective each day, leading to continuous improvement and stronger performance over time.

This is how businesses without a $100k testing budget scale profitably.

Scaling With Consistency

Most businesses waste their ad budgets by sending unqualified traffic to their websites using ads with weak messaging.

They rely on the landing page to convert visitors, a flawed method even suggested by META.

We focus on conversion-optimized ad messaging, powered by Trigger Point data, to send only pre-qualified traffic to your landing page.

This boosts conversion rates immediately and feeds quality data back to the algorithm, allowing you to scale your ads with consistency and confidence.

client Success

Simple Offer Setup has now helped me grow two brands through Meta Ads. I've worked with several other agencies before, and Devin goes above and beyond: he spends time getting to know the product, thus knowing the audience better; he also crafts great copy. Highly recommend!

Nathan Hendrix, KAKADU USA

Devin is remarkably talented at what he does! Working with him, you immediately realize you are in good hands. I always feel more educated after any conversation with him, which adds a tremendous value to his service.

David Boyd, Down To Earth

Peter Jancola, Tact Wrap

Phil Jenkins, Video Golf Pro

John Costigan, Costigan Academy

Kevin Moen, Transworld Business

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be currently running ads to apply?

YES. Businesses that are running ads have data we can benchmark, a proven brand, and product that they want to scale.

In some circumstances, we do work with companies that aren't running ads, but have a successful business that could benefit (greatly) from running qualified traffic to an offer/solution using Trigger Points.

What ad budget do I need?

$5000/month is the minimum ad budget we work with. This allows our clients to continue running their ads while we take them through our ad message process.

What will it cost?

Businesses that continue to run ads that aren't algorithmically optimized will continue to blow their budget. What will it cost you in the long run if you continue? The investment for the 2 month process is $6,500. Most companies see 2x-3x higher conversion rates after the process because our Trigger Points reduce CPAs and increase CTRs!

What does Trigger Points actually do for me?

We use our unique message testing process to create the highest converting ad copy. Using Trigger Points retrain the META algorithm to send your ad to the most qualified prospects. By filtering out all of the 'junk clicks' ads typically get, we reduce your cost to acquire new customers and increase click through rates.

Imagine how much higher your monthly revenue could be, with the same ad spend, if you could double click through rates and get 2-3x higher conversion rates.

Our focus is solely on generating the most scalable message for you, so you can stop refreshing your ads (when costs increase), stop jumping on viral trends, and stop hiring-firing a new agency every 3-6 months.

Does this work for Physical Products, Digital Products, and Lead Generation?

YES! We have worked with them all. Using Trigger Points and our 3-tiered ad message framework will work with eCommerce Products, Digital Products, Online Courses, Speakers, Authors that thrive on conversion optimized traffic.

How long does this process take to see results?

This is a 2 month engagement.

We reverse engineer your business, offer, and customer to build our Trigger Point message sets. These message sets reveal the Triggers that convert most amount of people. Then, we extract the winning Triggers to create conversion optimized ad copy.

Within 1-2 weeks your ad copy is ready to find profitable audiences. Our ads create a better user experience on the platform, which rewards your business with higher quality traffic.

Month 2 is all about scaling and stacking profitable audiences. Generating additional ad messages based on the triggers revealed in Month 1. Then, we hand off the account to your team with a success map to follow.

*You can choose to take over the account and follow the success map, or continue to work with us running your ads [month to month fee].

Contact us if you have any questions.

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